Top Five Contenders For the 2022/2023 EPL Title

The premier league is one of the top competitive leagues in Europe. We are set to get into action with the new season. It will be exciting with new players coming to give us incredible actions. Each team’s objectives this season are based on its squad strength and other factors that make them good for a bet, just like you will play at the best online casino

From Premier League news since the opening of the transfer window, we can see that the teams are strengthening their squad with incredible players. The motive is to remain competitive this season. Therefore, there won’t be an easy pass for the defending champions because they would have more teams fighting for the title. 

The games will keep getting tougher until the end of the season, and only the best teams will finish at the top of the table. Some teams’ objective is to make it into the top four, where they can play in next season’s UEFA Champions League. Some do not want to be relegated to the lower division. 

The top teams are going to want to contend for the title. As a result, their goal will be to win as many games as possible. It would be a tight battle where only the strongest would emerge victorious. With only one team being able to win the competition, we think there are about five contenders for the 2022/2023 EPL season. 

Manchester City

The defending champions are certainly among the contenders to win the title. They have one of the best teams in the world and will continue to improve as long as Pep Guardiola remains at the helm of affairs. Since he arrived at Manchester, he has made the team even better than they were seasons ago.

To contend against City, teams must be in their best form and have the perfect stats from start to finish. Only Liverpool has been able to contend closely since Chelsea stopped Guardiola from winning the EPL in his first season. This season, we don’t expect anything below standard from the team.


Liverpool is certainly a top team in Europe, and after narrowly missing out on the title last season, we expect them to keep going this season and put the pressure on the defending champions. The team lost one of its top talismans, but they’ve been able to bring in new signings to retain their competitiveness.

Many pundits think Liverpool might not be as competitive this season, but we think they would do well this season, and there is a chance that they will lift another Premier League title. So, we expect them to push for a better season. We expect Salah to keep carrying the team and scoring plenty of goals. 


Thomas Tuchel has been able to transform Chelsea from a team struggling to get into the top four after they lost their talisman, Eden Hazard, right before a transfer ban. The team went on to win the UEFA Champions League with Tuchel in less than one year. Undoubtedly, they’ve become a formidable team in the league.

Although last season didn’t go to plan because of some internal issues and injury crises, the team is back and better with more players and a new owner. Chelsea is a refined club that would be one of the top contenders in the league, and they remain a team that can give the top two a run for their money. 


Tottenham hasn’t been competitive in the league since the 2016/2017 season. It was the last time they finished second on the log. Since then, they’ve been struggling to finish in the top four. They’ve missed out on the UCL for a couple of seasons now, but with Conte on the team, they compete this season.

We saw Antonio Conte handle the team in the middle of the season last time out and change their course from a struggling team to finishing in the top four. The team has become different, and we saw a formidable Tottenham like we used to, so there is a chance that they would be among the top contenders. 


Finally, on our list is Arteta’s Arsenal, a team of youngsters driven to push and play the best teams in the league. Arsenal is a top team that narrowly missed out on qualifying for the UCL last season. With new players in the team, we think they have a solid team that can take the war to the other top teams.

It might be too early to think the team would win the EPL, but we can’t count them out just yet. We believe they have much to offer. We would love to see how Arteta and the boys finish once the 2022/2023 season ends.

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