Teams Most Likely to Win Their FIFA World Cup Groups

With the FIFA World Cup competition around the corner and teams gearing up for the new season, we expect an exciting showdown, as always. Different teams are traveling from various parts of the world to battle it out with others for the most prestigious trophy in the footballing world. 

Many sportsbooks have already started offering different FIFA World Cup odds, and once the event kicks off in November, we will enjoy more odds from bookies. It would only improve with time, and the best teams would have to remain disciplined, so they don’t miss out on winning the trophy.

With the various groups set and the draws done, we believe some teams have a better chance of winning the competition, especially their respective groups. In that case, we’ve put together a list of teams we believe would have the best chance of winning their respective groups once the first stage of the world cup is done.

Group A – Netherlands

In Group A, we have some exciting teams in Group A that have a good chance of winning the group. We have Senegal, Qatar, Ecuador, and the Netherlands. We have tough teams in the group, which makes it tricky to choose who would win the group. 

However, we think the Netherlands has the best chance of winning. They have the most talented squad of the lot, and their team is filled with many world-class players. Undoubtedly, they would be one of the two teams to advance out of the group. 

Group B – England

England is one of the favorites to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup competition. They have one of the best teams in the competition with their array of top talents. The team can make it out of Group A as they have only Iran, Wales, and the USA to face in their group games. 

It will be a shock if England doesn’t win at least two games throughout their group stage. So, we expect them to go as far as possible. 

Group C – Argentina

We have Argentina, Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia in Group C. It looks like an easy path for Argentina, given their incredible form and performances before the competition starts. The team has been one of the best in the world so far, and if they continue in their current form, they will be one of the top contenders. 

We don’t expect anything less from a team with Lionel Messi leading the line. Therefore, in Group C, Argentina is our top pick to finish first in the group. We expect them to make it far in the competition. 

Group D – France

France is the current champion, and with the talent they are bringing to the competition, we expect them to defend the title well and maybe even retain it. In Group D, France has the best chance among the nations. 

Others look to be closely matched. Therefore, there is a chance that they might cancel each other out, giving France a free ride to the knockout rounds as they win the group in an epic style. 

Group E – Spain

Group E is tough, given that two great nations are battling for the first position. We think Spain and Germany are the two teams that would make it out ahead of the others in the group. 

However, picking who would be the first is another ball game. Both teams have what it takes to enter first place, but we think Spain would narrowly edge Germany to the first position and win the group.  

Group F – Belgium

The battle in Group F will be contested by who will finish second in the group. We think Belgium already has that first position on lockdown because, looking at the teams in the group, they have the best squad. 

They’ve also been among the best teams in the group stages of their competitions. Therefore, we don’t see how Belgium won’t win Group F, except if an unusual event occurs during the group games. 

Group G – Brazil

Regarding the FIFA World Cup, Brazil is always a top contender. The team continuously does well in the competition, and making it out of their group has never been an issue. Therefore, we expect them to continue that tradition, thanks to their incredible squad and talented players. 

We believe Brazil has the best chance of winning the lot among Brazil, Cameroon, Serbia, and Switzerland. 

Group H – Uruguay 

Group H is another tricky group that is hard to tell how it would end. The group has Portugal, South Korea, Ghana, and Uruguay. 

The teams are looking to make it out of the group, and we’ve seen them in previous competitions. However, looking at the teams in the group, we think Uruguay would likely finish first after the group stage games are done.

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