3 Things You Didn’t Know About Zulay Pogba

Paul Pogba’s wife Zulay Pogba is the secret to his success on and off the field. But there’s a lot to know about her.
Here are seven things you didn’t know about Zulay Pogba.

1- Bolivia

Zulay’s full name is Maria Zulay Salaves. Though she may live with Paul Pogba in Manchester now, her story starts
on the other side of the world. She was born in 1996 in a tiny Bolivian town called Robore.

The town only has ten thousand residents and is nicknamed the Pearl of the Orient. After Paul Pogba won the World
Cup in 2018, the town’s mayor officially invited the couple back to Bolivia.

Zulay studied Business Administration at the university of Bolivia before dropping out and moving to Los Angeles to become a real estate agent.

Then she moved to Miami to pursue a professional modeling career. She is also dabbled in interior design, she’s a woman of many talents.

3 Things You Didn't Know About Zulay Pogba 1
Zulay Pogba

2 – Love Story

It was America that Zulay and Paul first met. It may have been in Los Angeles in 2017. Paul was there with Man United participating in the International Champions Cup and partying with Lukaku.

But they may have also met in Miami that same year while Paul was on holiday. Either way it was love at first sight.
The couple was inseparable but Zulay still had a modeling career in Miami. So the two lovebirds would fly back and forth between Miami and Manchester.

She started popping up at Old Trafford towards the end of the 2017-2018 season. But it wasn’t until the 2018 World Cup that people started to seriously wonder about their relationship. Because she showed up in the stands with a beautiful ring on her finger.

Nobody knew because the couple keep their love life very private but soon she deactivated her instagram for a few days. When she returned her new name was Maria Zulay Pogba and her handle was Zulay Pogba.

3 – Children

Zulay and Paul aren’t just private about their love life. They also make an effort to keep their kids out of the spotlight unlike other famous footballers like Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo.

In 2019 nobody knew that Zulay had given birth. In fact it was former United midfielder Bryan Robson who leaked the news.

“When i saw Paul last week in Dubai with the United squad, I had a little chat and congratulated him on the birth of his baby. He just seems so relaxed and easy with things” said Robson at the time.

Paul would later kind of confirm the birth by celebrating his goal against Brighton like he is holding a baby. But Zulay did not post a photo of thier son’s face for two years.

Paul and Zulay name thier son Labile Shakur, and yes he’s named after Tupac.

Zulay and Paul have another son born in 2020 and though they haven’t officially revealed his name they posted a photo with the name Keyaan Zahid.

Credit: Oh My Goal

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