Feyenoord star quits football to become a doctor

Splinter de Mooij, 19, of Feyenoord in the Netherlands, is retiring from football to become a doctor.

De Mooij joined the Dutch club in 2013 and signed his first professional contract in 2018.

But he decided to quit football to achieve his second dream of becoming a doctor starting college in September this year.

The midfielder said in a statement on Instagram: “When I joined Feyenoord in 2013 and signed my first professional contract, my dream of becoming a football star has come true.

“After seven wonderful years at Feyenoord, I informed Feyenoord today that I am leaving the club to achieve my second dream of becoming a doctor. I will begin my medical education in September this year.

“Thank you Feyenoord, the staff of the Feyenoord academy, who have taught me so much and given us amazing training.

“My friends I say thank you for the friendship and everything we went through together.”

It is an amazing decision made by a very young star.

The news comes after Italy’s Alessandro Arlotti recently decided to leave football and attend Harvard University in the United States.

The 18-year-old striker, who scored for Italy’s Under-17 side and made his U18 debut, recently signed for Serie B side Pescara. He was previously at the AS Monaco academy.

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