Klopp proves how respectful he is of Muslims and their customs

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Despite being far from home, Egyptian star Mohamed Salah and Senegalese star Saido Mane are devout Muslims.

In fact, they have set an example as Liverpool have seen a sharp drop in Islamophobia since the duo join Reds.

Before each match, the two players made it a point to perform sunnah prayers, according to the German coach.

Klopp made changes for the duo out of respect for their religion, ordering the warm ups to stop two minutes before the scheduled time for Salah and Mane to pray before the game.

“We always finish our warm-ups two minutes early to give Salah and Mane time to wash up before the match, as requested by Islam. We can afford to waste this time to let them do something that is important for them, ”he said.

Before adding: “I love having such a“ multicultural ”team! I would say that having such good ambassadors of the Muslim religion on our team is really great! “

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