Arsenal supporters tell owner Stan Kroenke things need to change

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Arsenal supporters have branded their Emirates Stadium “soulless” in a savagely honest letter slamming owner Stan Kroenke.

16 fan groups have composed a letter, titled #WeCareDoYou, to the Gunners insistent of change after 12 years which has seen them go from a Champions League final to a third successive season of Europa League soccer.

In the letter, the supporters claim they sense marginalised and unvalued, eventhough they pay the highest ticket price in England.

They believe that Kroenke isn’t “suit for purpose” as he appears to be completely concerned with his NFL franchise, the Los Angeles Rams.

The fed-up supporters have also slammed the atmosphere within the Emirates stadium.

And that they believe a lack of method concerning transfers and wages is making them less competitive each year.

The fans end by demanding a reply from the club, starting with the Managing Director and Head of Football when they speak at an already-arranged Q&A later this month.


ignatories to this statement want to see is meaningful action by Stan Kroenke to reinvigorate our football club.

This requires work to strengthen the club’s board and football executive and to once again make Arsenal a place where fans have a real sense of belonging.

Change needs to start with better leadership. In his takeover document Stan Kroenke said: ‘KSE’s ambitions for the club are to see it competing consistently to win the Premier League and the Champions League.’

We see little evidence of how this is to be achieved. Instead our club feels like an investment vehicle, personified by the owner’s statement that he didn’t buy Arsenal to win trophies.

It is sad that an institution like Arsenal FC has such passive ownership. All of us want to see a clear sense of purpose and direction.

KSE should start by being more open and accountable and explain how they intend to achieve the goal of winning the game’s major trophies.

If Stan Kroenke is going to be absent from London he needs to make sure the board he delegates to is fit for purpose.

There is a desperate need for some new and dynamic appointments. The addition of independently-minded directors can act as a genuine check and balance on the owner.

Ideal candidates would have football and commercial expertise relevant to the needs of a football club in 2019, and ideally some ‘Arsenal DNA’.

Arsenal have invested money in recent years, but their approach to both buying players and paying wages looks uncoordinated and appears to lack strategy.

There has also been a lot of turnover in the senior football personnel. A strong board would be proactively managing this.

On a matchday the Emirates Stadium can be a soulless place. The atmosphere is poor and there are thousands of empty seats blighting almost every game.

If Arsenal really cared they would make sure seats weren’t left empty by investing in an improved ticketing system and actively supporting initiatives like safe standing.

The club uses the strapline ‘Always ahead of the game’. It would be good to see action to demonstrate this.

Finally, the very fabric of football in England and across Europe is at threat from proposals for a European Super League.

These moves are driven by the greed of a few so-called elite clubs who want guaranteed entry into top-level European competition every year. Why care if you finish fifth or lower if automatic qualification is guaranteed?

Arsenal and the other clubs involved should understand that fans do not want more meaningless group stage fixtures designed only to rake in more broadcast and ticketing revenue.

You could call it the ‘franchisation’ of European Football. Arsenal should immediately clarify they will have no part in this.

As Arsenal Supporters, we care deeply. We would like to hear from our club and see actions that demonstrate that they do too.

The first opportunity comes when the Managing Director and Head of Football speak to invited supporters on July 25th.

We urge them to address the issues raised here. We will watch with interest.

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