Sergio Ramos confirms he’s staying at Real Madrid after China offer


Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has ruled out a summer exit and has reiterated his plans to retire at the club.

At a press conference on Thursday, the 33-year-old reiterated that he had an offer on the table from China but at no point did he consider leaving Madrid.

“I answer to end the doubts and debates that do not benefit the club or me or anyone else,” Ramos began his press conference.

“I am Madridista. I want to retire here and if I ever leave here, it will be when I’m winning.

“I have never had an issue with the president (Florentino Perez). Our relationship is like a father and son.

“The best decision has always been to talk face to face and resolve any issues and we have not talked about the economic issues. For me the relationship with a club is always about trust and an affection.

“The wage does not matter to me. I would play for Real Madrid for free. I repeat, the economic issue does not matter. If the club pays more to players, it because they are super cracks who will improve the team.

“Any doubts between me and the club were spoken about and resolved in one afternoon. We do not want to live in the past now. There were things that caused me certain doubts and things that hurt me. But when you speak face to face to resolve this its the best thing.

“I am the captain of Real Madrid and I feel very loved and supported by my teammates.

“It is true that I have an offer from China on the table, I will not lie about it but at no moment did I consider going China.

“There is a big difference between having an offer to leave (for China) and wanting to accept that offer.

“I told the president that I would never go to a team that could compete with Real Madrid. If one day I go then it is because I think my body does not allow me to give a high level and I would go to a team that did not compete with Madrid.

“I am staying at Real Madrid. I’m going on holiday now and will see who we have signed and who we have not.

“I’m not looking to renew (my contract), I am happy with what I have and I hope these comments mean the ‘Ramos stuff’ is now finished.

“Eden Hazard is a top player who would give us a lot. I hope he comes, he could give us a lot.

“Fans whistling me is understandable – it is not an ideal but it is not a problem. We will have new signings coming and we must recover the hunger of winning. Bringing in new players is contagious with that feeling.”

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