History made as FOUR English clubs compete in Europe’s two major finals as Premier League teams dominate

The English teams made history in football by taking all four final places in the the Champions League and Europa League, indicating that Premier League dominates European football.

Arsenal beat Valencia and Chelsea overcome Eintracht Frankfurt on Thursday night to bring them both in the Europa League final.

Following Liverpool’s victory over Barcelona and Tottenham against Ajax in the Champions League. For the first time in the history of European football all the four finalists from the two biggest competition are from on country.

“The level of football in England is very high, the Premier League is the best in Europe,” said Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri.

Arsenal and Chelsea meet in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku on May 29, if Arsenal win they will qualify for the Champions League next season. Chelsea already qualified for the Champions League after coming in fourth in the Premier League.

The Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 68,700 supporters, UEFA, will give each team six thousand tickets and it is a decision disappointed Arsenal.

Tottenham and Liverpool will meet in Madrid on June 1, with both their supporters also struggling to find the cost of a direct flight of £1,300.

The power of the Premier League teams means that English clubs will also play the UEFA Super Cup in August. The match will take place in Istanbul, Turkey.

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