Video of Lionel Messi’s leadership skills refutes Diego Maradona’s latest comments

Speaking in October, Maradona commented: “He’s a great player but he’s not a leader. It’s useless trying to make a leader out of a man who goes to the toilet 20 times before a game.”

No holding back there then and fast forward three months, the same has happened again with the 58-year-old reluctantly reinforcing his point.

Maradona remarked that ‘he will never be a leader’

Messi has captained his country for a number of years now and upon the departure of Andres Iniesta last summer, has also assumed leadership responsibilities with Barcelona.

And although the Spanish Super Cup is the only trophy Messi has a captained a team to, is he really as bad of a leader as Maradona makes him out to be?

Well, one football fan tried to solve that question back in the summer, producing a video on Messi’s leadership and mentorship that now appears more relevant than ever.

It shows that although Messi isn’t the vocal, boisterous captain you’d associate with players like Sergio Ramos, he leads by example and picks the right moments to intervene.

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