Michael Owen Predicts How Premier League top four will End.

Former Liverpool and Manchester United  player Michael Owen has predicts how Premier League top four will finish.

Liverpool is six clear points from Manchester City at the top of the table on Thursday night with the two sides meeting at Etihad Stadium.

In a Twitter question and answer, Owen says he can’t wait for the match and says: ” I rarely go to games unless I work on them, but I can’t miss it! ”

But he was in no doubt where the summit would end at the end of the season. When asked who will win the league, Owen replied: ” Liverpool. ”

And in a separate question as to how the top looks, Owen replied: ” Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Spurs. ” so Owen believes his Manchester United side and Arsenal could miss the top four.

Owen was also asked who would be relegated to whom he replied: ” Huddersfield and Cardiff. Not sure about the 3rd team. I said Fulham at the beginning so I’m going to stick with them.”


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