Do You Believe? Cristiano Ronaldo Is Real Madrid’s Top Scorer In 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo may have left Real Madrid in the summer to join Juventus, but this did not stop him from overtaking the calendar year scoring chart of Los Blancos.

Discussions about whether Madrid is missing its legendary Portuguese continue, but the statistics speak for themselves, in particular when it come to goals.

Ronaldo finished in 2018 with 28 goals for Los Blancos, one more than Gareth Bale( 27) and ten more than Karim Benzema( 18). Sergio Ramos scored ten goals, while Marco Asensio and Isco scored 8.

The feat of Ronaldo is even more remarkable given that he managed those 28 goals in just 22 goals, while Bale needed 48 matches to score 27 times, and Benezema 53 matches to score 18.

The absence of Juventus stars is visible for everyone, with Madrid currently the sixth highest scorer in this season.

Real Madrid’s top scorers in 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo, 28 goals in 22 matches
Gareth Bale, 27 goals in 48 matches
Karim Benzema, 18 goals in 53 matches
Sergio Ramos, 10 goals in 44 matches
Marco Asensio, 8 goals in 54 matches
Isco, 8 goals in 43 matches
Lucas Vazquez, 7 goals in 52 matches
Marcelo, 7 goals in 38 matches
Casemiro, 4 goals in 44 matches
Kroos, 4 goals in 42 matches
Mayoral, 3 goals in 11 matches
Modric, 2 goals in 45 matches
Nacho, 2 goals in 34 matches
Vinícius, 2 goals in 10 matches
Carvajal, 1 goal in 41 matches
Ceballos, 1 goal in 29 matches
Llorente, 1 goal in 21 matches
Odriozola, 1 goal in 12 matches
Mariano, 1 goal in 10 matches
Achraf, 1 goal in 8 matches
Javi Sanchez, 1 goal in 5 matches
Cristo Gonzalez, 1 goal in 1 match

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