Fact: Unai Emery has made Arsenal worse in defence than under Arsene Wenger

(The Sun) – Unai Emery has made Arsenal worse in the back than under Arsene Wenger – and that’s a fact.

At the end of last season, the Gunners dumped Wenger mainly because he had failed to solve the defensive problems that broke the side over a number of years.

Emery was supposed to be the man to solve these problems at least-but he did the opposite.

Since taking over the Emirates in the summer, the Spaniard has received plenty of applause for his work and it was never easy to change the culture after Wenger’s 22-year reign.

But what he has done is to provide a side that has conceded more goals at this stage of the season than any Wenger team.

A year ago, Arsenal conceded 25 goals from the opening of 20 matches. That became unacceptable and led to his downfall.

unai emery

But the mauling against Liverpool means that the Gunners have now conceded 30 goals at the same stage of the campaign, having played the same number of games.

At this stage of the season, Arsenal had never conceded that many under Wenger. Not once, not once.

Statistics like this tend not to lie, although you can, of course, allow a little context if the team has conceded a lot early om and has improved recently.

But this is not the case with Unai Emery’s Arsenal- as the campaign continues, it gets worse.

Unai Emery had long enough to make his mark.

This month alone, they conceded 14 goals in only seven matches. And that’s not including the two they lost to Tottenham in the Carabao Cup.

What Liverpool showed so emphatically at Anfield was probably what it looked like in recent weeks.

And let’s not pretend that it is only exposed by the very best in the Premier League – this month the attacking forces of Burnley, Brighton and Southampton (three times) have pillaged targets against Arsenal.

Unai Emery had long enough to make his mark. His team is playing his way.

Again and again he has sent his side without organization and understanding to do the most basic thing in the game – keep it tight.


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